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Nandi Gayatri Mantra & 108 Names Of Nandi With Lyrics | The Sacred Bull | Shiva Pooja


Nandi is the name of the gate- guardian deity of Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva. He is usually depicted as a bull which also serves as the mount (Sanskrit: Vahana) to the god Shiva. According to Saivite tradition, he is considered as the chief guru of eight disciples of Nandinatha Sampradaya - Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanandana, Sanatkumara, Tirumular, Vyagrapada, Patanjali and Sivayoga Muni who were send to eight directions to spread the wisdom of Shaivism

The incarnation of Nandikeshwar Suta says- Sage Shilad did a tremendous penance to please lord Shiva with an aspiration to have a son. Lord Shiva appeared before him and asked him to demand any boon he wished.

Every Pradosham, a special Pradosha Puja is performed in the Temple. To find out when the next Pradosha Puja will be performed, please check the Temple Calendar. Everyone who attends is invited to perform milk Lingabhishekam with their own hands, and also to join in the chanting if familiar with the mantras.

The importance of observing Pradosha is described in Pradosha Mahatmyam from Shiva Purana and hence Shiva devotees observe Pradosha Pooja with high sanctity. Pradosha indicates the meeting of the Sun and the Moon in a horizontal line during their movement on their Axis.

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