Dharm Manch is a non-commercial and a Non Profit initiative
The Digital platform was created in 1998 by a group of senior journalists and Siddh Yogis under the umbrella of Rajmangal Group with the prime focus of spreading spirituality through credible content. Ever since it's creation Dharm Manch has been focusing on devotional, religious and spiritual mass communication with the help of print media and social events. Our team of advisors and consultants consist of leaders from various prestigious fields. We at Dharm Manch, apart from creating our own content also share credible content created by various individuals/organisations.

Our Story

After many enlightened years of gaining knowledge about the power of Spirituality, Vedic & Occult Sciences, and meeting with Siddh Sadhus. We utilized that wisdom along with our professional experience and technical knowledge to provide a Quick, Credible, Smart, Easy and Live access of various aspects of Spirituality, Advaita Vedanta, Astrology, Vedic Puja and Occult Sciences across the Globe all this simply at a click of your Smart Phone.

Easy & Organized

With the help of technology, a journalistic approach and guidance of learned Saints, we present before you a credible & a well organised platform to help you find out the right path for a healthy, wealthy, prosperous and blessed life.